LMI Trees offers services to provide for your entire needs. Our staff can help in the drawing stages and work with the Landscape Architect to determine size and availability of different varieties, help locate alternatives for hard to find trees, as well as keeping you informed of growth habits and benefits of new tree introductions. Our Early Order Program is designed to enable us to not only allow you first pick of trees as they become available but also insures the availability at the time of installation. By securing the trees early in the project we can ship to our Celina farm to maintain and ship to the jobsite as needed. This will enable you to have stable cured specimen B&B trees to install through out the year. In addition to being able to provide you with the best possible trees we have equipment, trucks and staff to offer complete Plant and Guarantee services we well as delivery services.

With all the construction and demolition going on tree preservation has become a hot topic with most cities in the area. Saving existing trees not only adds an established look to the new landscape but in most cases the mature trees count towards extra credit when looking at mitigation value.

When it comes to tree relocation LMI Trees is your full service provider. We can handle the job from start to finish. First step includes hand digging all the trees. Next we load and move trees to new location. The new location can be a holding area to keep trees safe from harm during construction or straight to the new planting hole.

Prices herein are for the trade only and cancel all previous prices offered. All prices are F.O.B. LMI Trees.

Payment terms are C.O.D. unless credit has been approved prior to ship date. Please allow seven to ten working days for application processing.

Payment on all credit purchases will be 30 days from the invoice date. Any invoices beyond 30 days will be considered delinquent and maybe subject to finance fees. Invoices beyond 60 days may lose their credit terms as well as any applicable discount and will not be able to purchase material until the account is returned to current status.

Extended terms maybe provided on a case by case basis provided the material purchased is being installed in a specific landscape project and the following information is provided when the order is placed: Project name and address, legal description, owner╠s mane and address, contractor╠s name and address, sub-contractor╠s name and address, bonding company name and address, landscape architect╠s name and address.

Orders will be held for 30 days. Any order held longer than 30 days will require a 25% deposit as well as a monthly maintenance fee of 5% of total order.

All orders being picked up will require a 24 - 48 hour notice depending on the type and size of material. Contractors must provide tarps, tie down material as well as tree stands.

Customers are required to have adequate crew and equipment on site to unload trees. We allow 2 hours for a full truck; any time beyond is at $75.00 per hour. In the event of bad weather LMI Trees will reschedule all jobs to first available time.

LMI Trees offers plant & guarantee services for a flat rate within the metroplex area. Any jobs beyond a 50 mi. radius will be subject to additional freight charges and possibly other travel expenses depending upon mileage. Under this flat rate the contractor assumes responsibility for all site preparation including but not limited to:

• Contractor must mark all tree locations.
• Contractor must remove fencing or other barriers.
• Contractor must locate all utility* and cable lines and relocate irrigation lines in planting area before arrival of planting crew. *Effective October 1, 1998 state law requires that Dig Tess, 1-800-344-8377 be contacted to locate utility lines before excavating. This is a free service and LMI will not begin planting at any site until this has been done. LMI will not be held responsible for any utility and/or irrigation lines/heads not covered under the Dig Tess locate that have not been located/moved. Contractor agrees that LMI may cut irrigation lines as necessary or Contractor will have an Irrigation Contractor on site when digging begins.
• Contractor must request a pre-site inspection if site has difficult access or obstacles that may require additional time or equipment such as but not limited to rock or other underground obstacles, retaining walls or pools. LMI’s planting quote assumes there is direct access to the planting site. Sites with limited access and/or other obstructions are subject to additional charges for extra labor hours and the use of additional equipment. Site/tree may require the use of a crane service and is not included in the standard P&G quote. Contractor may work directly with the crane company or LMI will coordinate inspections, permits, barricades, installation schedule, etc., with crane operator at invoice plus 20% payable to LMI Trees. LMI assumes no liability for crane operations. It is contractor’s responsibility to inform client of potential liability and determine whether contractor or client assumes liability. Due to the size and weight of our trees and the equipment necessary to plant, LMI cannot guarantee there will be no damage to sidewalks or driveway. However our crew will take every precaution to prevent any breakage. In the event of damage the Contractor or owner assumes full responsibility for all repairs.
• Contractor/Owner assumes responsibility for providing sufficient/proper water to each tree. Since weather conditions can be extreme during the course of the year in the metroplex area a standard watering program will not be provided by LMI Trees.

LMI assumes responsibility for digging the planting holes, setting the tree, backfilling the planting hole and watering tree in. It is our policy to stake all trees 4” and under and to install inspection tubes on al trees 6” and over. Cost of tree staking kits and inspection tubes are included in quote. All trees installed by LMI are guaranteed for a period of (1) year and in good health and free of pests at time of installation. LMI Trees strongly discourages the planting of annuals, perennials, shrubs, and other such ornamentals in or around the tree ring for a period of (1) year form installation. Watering requirements for this type of plant material is often well above the need of the tree and can cause decline and even loss of the tree. LMI Trees cannot be held liable for losses de to drought, frost, fire, flood, tornado, other severe weather conditions (e.g. extreme winter weather), vandalism, theft, animals, traffic, construction, lack of or excess moisture, or other factors beyond control of warrantor. To help insure the health and life of the tree LMI will do routine site/maintenance inspections and forward the results to both the Contractor and the Property Owner.